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Pay It Forward


Pee Dee Pay It Forward is an initiative to encourage the people of the Pee Dee Region to Pay It Forward. We are super excited to be helping launch an initiative that embodies our philosophy of "people helping people." Whether you have Paid It Forward or have had someone Pay It Forward on your behalf, we would love to hear your story. Send your story to [email protected] or visit us on Facebook .



Pay It Forward Stories......


This is a story from a very happy and grateful family who was a recipient of your generosity funded thru your "Pay It Forward" program. Our family's budget, like many, is stretched to the point of breaking. So, when my husband needed emergency surgery, finances were stretched even further.  This concern was not at the top of my list at that time but it was pretty close. With no health insurance, my concerns grew.  Can you imagine our surprise when we received the "Pay It Forward" notice from our credit union!  I did not even know what it was at first!  We have always appreciated the courtesy and consideration that the employees of the Pee Dee Federal Credit Union have always extended to us but this is going so far beyond that!!  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  You have really made a difference in our lives.
         -           Anonymous



I was out at a local restaurant last night grabbing a late dinner with a buddy of mine. As we ate, an older couple sat down at the table next to us. The man informed the waitress that it was their 42nd anniversary. The couple was as happy as ever and talked with several folks as they walked by and they even chatted with us. As we got to eating, I couldn't help but think that 42 years is a long time and something definitely to be celebrated! As we were paying our bill, I asked their waitress for their check. I figured in this day and age if you can live together for 42 years, you should at least have one meal paid for right? I left the restaurant happy I could pay for their meal and hoping to be in their shoes one day.
        -          Anonymous
        -  ANONYMOUS
On Saturday my mom and I were eating at the Cracker Barrel and I noticed a lady sitting in front of me.  She had her pocketbook hanging on a clip on the table.  I had never seen a clip like that so I asked her where she had gotten it and that I really thought it was cool.  She told me that she had gotten it at Belks.  I thanked her and told her that I was going to go there and get me one.  When the woman was leaving, she tapped me on the shoulder and said “Merry Christmas” and laid the clip on my table.  I got up to tell her thank you and she was already gone.  I had never seen this woman before.  This is what PAY IT FORWARD means to me.  So when we were checking out, we paid for an elderly man’s meal….this act of kindness meant the world to me and I just wanted to share it.
- Anonymous

Every Wednesday I get off early from my job and I always stop and get my puppy a surprise… either a hamburger or hot dog.  Yesterday, I stopped at Hardees in Timmonsville to get him a hotdog and as I walked in an older gentleman who was in line ahead of me spoke to me.  When I went to pay for my food the cashier told me it was already paid for by my friend I was talking to.  I had never seen this man before.  When I turned around to thank him, he was already gone.  When I started to leave, I saw an elderly lady behind me counting her change to buy her burger.  I paid the cashier for her food and changed the order from just a burger to a combo with fries and a drink.  Just the smile on her face was worth every penny.  You would have thought she won the lottery!  It doesn’t take but a second to change someone’s day.  I know we all get busy and forget the small things but I try to remember that everyone we meet is fighting some kind of battle and just a kind word or act of kindness for someone goes a long way.  Let’s all try to pay it forward.

- Anonymous

One day during the week I was feeling extremely down. I had cried and been on the verge of tears all morning. Several of my co-workers gave me words of encouragement and gentle hugs of support. On Friday when I got ready to go to lunch, I found on my desk a grilled chicken Greek salad along with a sweet card of encouragement and a pay-it forward card from a co-worker. It's nice to know that you are cared about and appreciated and that others hurt when you are down. The gesture was appreciated and heartwarming! Thank you!
 - Anonymous
Last week a young lady came into the credit union inquiring about opening an account. She told me that she had been in prison and was released into a program for ex-prisoners. She said that she wanted to go home for Christmas but the program requires her to open an account before doing anything else. As I talked to her about the requirements and asked for ID, I was already in the process of opening the account. She told me that she only had $2.00 on her and that she would have to come back. I took her ID and $5.00 out of my purse (without her seeing me) and went to the teller line to make her minimum share deposit. When I returned, I told her that her account was opened and wished her a Merry Christmas. That small act of kindness brought her a lot of joy. Merry Christmas!

My husband and I always vacation or go out with my best friend and her husband. We have two boys and they have three, but we share their third son as we are the godparents. Last April they celebrated 25 years of marriage and we went to the mountains in Tennessee and had a ball, and just in January we went to Myrtle Beach for my birthday and my best friend husband told my husband they they may not be able to go because their money was looking kind of funny. Well my husband and I was not having no parts of that because this is something that we started and wasn't trying to stop. I told my husband that if they couldn't go then I didn't want to go because for the last couple of years we have gone on different trips or dinners and have had a wonderful time.
Well my brother from Atlanta decided that he would pay it forward and pay our half of the hotel bill and I decided since he did that for us, we would pay their half, and we did. We went out shopping and we noticed how they were carefully spending and trying not to order too much or buy much. When we returned to the room my husband and I decided to let them in on what was happening because them being uptight about and worried about not over spending was causing us to not have the fun in the pass. They knew my brother paid our half, but was not aware that we was going to pay their half until we told them. We had to tell them in order to have the burden lifted. We had a little brother sister meeting and we explained to them that we was not trying to be a high and mighty, we just wanted them to be comfortable and have fun, and that is when we told them that we was blessed and we was going to blessed them and they didn't have worry about money, we had the tab. Oh the joy on their faces when we told them not to worry, it was like a burden was lifted from them and they keep saying we going to give you all something on this when we get straight. As a child, my grandmother always told me that if the Lord blesses you, then you are to bless others and this is what we did. The movie, "Pay it Forward is my favorite"
I am glad that Pee Dee Federal Credit Union had this link so I can share my story as a part of the pay it forward link.
Thanks for reading my story.
Another Blessed Individual





pay it forward


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