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Pay It Forward
Dear Pee Dee Federal Credit Union, I was honored this month to know that your bank had granted me a $500.00 scholarship for this semester in college. I have not ever been issued any type of scholarship since I began Florence Darlington technical College in August of 2012. I have a family of four and we live just on my wife's salary since I am a full time student. We do not get any type of government assistance, so times have been tough financially. I would like to take this moment to let Pee Dee Federal Credit Union know how blessed my family and I am to have this scholarship from you. I cannot even begin to describe in words how grateful I feel that there are still organization in Florence County, SC like you that still help others try to better themselves. I want it to be know that this award was not given to me because I am a man of money, popularity, or status. I actually have never been a part of Pee Dee Federal Credit Union; nor, has the bank ever benefited in any way from me. This kind-hearted, wonderful, and grateful gesture through a scholarship was given to me from the deepest generosity of the bank's directors. My family and I cannot say thank you enough for how much you have already made our year of 2014 the best ever. Thank you again for all that you do for everyone. I am truly inspired by your gratitude. I pray that I can "Pay It Forward" to the next person. Thank you again, Troy J. Miles Submitted February 6, 2014

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pay it forward


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